Totally understand that young graffiti artists would see what I think of as anarchist is pretty tame. You don’t know someone’s history or background. All you see is some old guy talking out of his backside. I personally wouldn’t go back to what I started out doing. Maybe now it doesn’t ring true to the taggers on the street. The problem is things need to develop. It doesn’t matter how true you are if you don’t develop you have nothing. It’s just a pose. Sure I am posing but it’s built on something. It is the attitude but it needs to be progressive or it’s just pointless. If you think about privelidge it is even worse. Just pointless abandon. Where are you heading? I am in the same boat. It is the same thing. I was writing on the street and now I am writing in your mind. It is the same thing but it has developed over time. It’s a story like any other.

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