When I was young I was indoctrinated into materialism. Through television and advertising. You knew from a young age that money was important. It wasn’t taught at school but it was everywhere. It wasn’t so much money though than material goods. Everyone on television was well dressed or was supposed to be rich. Friends had material goods that you also wanted because they were desirable. Family members had material goods that you also wanted. I was burning inside for material goods.


I felt physically ill thinking about how much I wanted to have what other people had. I always wanted the most expensive ice cream or toy. The thing that burned, that even when I did get what I wanted, if say it was an ice cream then it was soon gone and I wanted the next one. Or maybe I wanted something else. As much as this makes me look like a brat it was more a social drive. I wanted what people had on television. I wanted a SodaStream or a console or a Gameboy or a walkman.


Because my Mother was divorced and my Dad wasn’t around I didn’t get those things. Maybe I got the ice creams or food but I never had a Gameboy or a SodaStream or a console or a Walkman.


This though was the best thing that happened to me because after trying to steal these things which I wasn’t very good at I started having an aversion to material things. I started to hate all of these things. By the time I was seventeen I was no longer a materialist. I woke up.


I discovered the spiritual world. That there was something else. I became interested in spirituality though I had no idea where to start. There was promise though. Materialism virtually made me sick to the stomach and I loathed it. When I was seventeen I decided to never own a car or own a television.


When I was seventeen I also learned about climate change which scared the hell out of me. This was in 1991. That was why I didn’t want a car. It was helping produce climate change so I didn’t want it. I live a very simple life with only the most basic material possessions. My youngest daughter who has grown up with me hasn’t developed my aversion to materialism but she lives a simple life also. Whatever she chooses when she older is her business and the same goes for my eldest daughter. Materialism isn’t a bad thing but it can be for some people.


Materialism wasn’t good for me. It wasn’t meant to be. I had too much desire. Now I have very little. All I want is the basics and a life free of desire. Materialism has cost the world dearly. In the end we all have to let go of many material things. It is probably best to start now.

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