Thought processes

Over the past month I started to keep a small journal. Mainly to keep an eye on my thought processes. It was effective, but it is a constant art. Having a lot of anxiety is challenging so having a journal where you can be honest with yourself helps. Writing is in a way therapeutic but also challenging. Especially when you must be honest with yourself. What does that really mean anyway? It can mean blurting out anything from delusions to insults. Where do you draw the line when you can’t exactly tell if a thought is anything serious to be considered? All sorts of ideas cross our minds at any time. Admittedly it can be hard to tell but also obvious in that it can be a closed idea that seems ridiculous when it finally appears on paper. Once you recognise it, it is there to be edited in real time.


Not every thought can be policed. There is not always a need, but patterns emerge after a few journal entries. Once you think about and conclude then hopefully the thoughts ease off. The thoughts may not switch off if the issue is hardware related. If there is an issue other than simply thought processes it is a bit harder but there can be relief either way to some extent.


It wasn’t all challenging content in my journal, there was pedestrian stuff as well. Just general interests and thoughts. If there was anything it was dealt with after a few sessions. It is nice to write as well. My handwriting has been neglected so it got some attention.

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