The rot

Since the Howard years in Australia it seems a rot has set into Australian culture. The policy of ignoring humanitarian precepts has created this issue in general. Immigration has been the starting point or to be exact the war on terrorism has instigated this horrible path. It has been sad to see both sides of politics relegated to a bipartisan agreement on ignoring our humanitarian responsibilities toward certain illegal refugees.


It is something people have grown up with and they see it as normal to have people languishing in long term incarceration. It isn’t even questioned to be honest. People see it as a necessary evil to protect us from potential terrorists. The fact that terrorism has been enacted by legal immigrants doesn’t seem to have brought people to see that these categories of legal or illegal have no recompense to what happens in reality and how people are radicalised.


The reason we see so much instability in politics and general life is part of this rot that will it seems have no end. These are the fruits of the Howard years as we march further on a shameful path. Most likely it will get a lot worse.

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