Movie watching

I started watching ‘Ready Player One’ and couldn’t get through it honestly. The graphics and adventure were great, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a nostalgia fest. Not that I would knock the film. It seemed quite entertaining though it is effortless to watch which should be a plus for most people. I really enjoyed the gaming feel for the film, but it is hard to get me to sit through a film like this. My daughter found it cheesy and she thought it was lame. She is 15 and not really into films like this. Maybe the original ‘Rocky Horror’ is her thing as opposed to the American version. That is another story altogether. I probably could sit through the whole film, but it just got started so quickly and you were just waiting for the impending action locked into the universe of ye ole 80s.


The film was an add on purchase that was in a retail moment of “what the heck” we might as well just try this. So, in a way I wasn’t disappointed which makes me glad I didn’t see this at the movies. I would have been praying for it to end. It is good if you want to switch off and just go with the action.


In a more critical sense the movie ties together gaming culture and virtual realities that in this world are centred around a dystopian reality. It is like a ghetto were gaming is the only ticket out. If anything, the fact that everyone including companies are chasing virtual loot to cash in is so broad that the story has nowhere to go than the action and individual struggles. I probably will finish it at some point just to have something decent to say at some point.

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