Dealing with stress

Writing is very stressful. When I put out my first piece of writing I had so much stress even though it wasn’t particularly difficult looking at it. It was just fine tuning it and having mixed emotions. My second piece of writing was about the same and then my third and fourth really set the stress levels high as I try to explore short stories. My stress has had physical ramifications this year. I really need to keep my stress levels down. Stress can be ok if it is managed. Over the years seeing that I produce so much visual art I had a strict meditation routine. I would also listen to relaxing music whereas this year I have just been listening to stimulating stuff like noise etc. My stress levels just kept climbing all year.


My old martial arts teacher talked about being careful with music and movies as they can get into your spirit and cause havoc. I was on a bit of a mission pushing ideas around so I forgot to take it easy and weekend just passed I felt the wrath of stress. I literally felt like I was about to pass out. I had to unfriend people on Facebook and just restock on relaxation. I normally like to entertain even unsavoury ideas because it may be good for my writing but my latest book is the answer to those ideas. It is how I feel they play out.

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