When you have to be right all the time.

I am the first to put my hand up and admit that I am not right. I don’t do articles to be correct but to think about things. There are formal ways to go about this as well and less formal like social media. I try somewhat badly to describe types of logic or certain ways I feel people are going about something. That though is why I write. To help myself clarify. You can also read other peoples ideas too. Getting the tools to try and deal with what you experience in the world isn’t something you can always get in a book. That is why I am more than happy to try and find ways to describe ideas. When I use labels it isn’t that I am applying them directly to people, more to the way I feel the ideas are framed.


I refuse to put up with verbal abuse though when someone takes what I write personally because it isn’t about them it is about the frame or structure of thoughts themselves. I don’t actually care what people think because it isn’t really relevant but I care if it is in my face and I am confronted with it. I need to look at it. Evidence isn’t an issue as I have mentioned because evidence as we all know can be fabricated. What I feel is at issue is the idea of righteousness that isn’t biblical but all knowing and feels self justified in slandering people as they feel they are under threat.


I can’t take this sort of thing on myself anyway. I wrote about it in my new short story ‘Precision’ where deranged thinking can be seen as forward thinking. Where data and technology are designed to control a fragmented world. That is it though. It is just a bit of writing. I am sick of all of the experts who think they know everything about everything. I called them God like to describe the arrogance of feeling that you only know the truth when they are far from God’s.

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