Normally to start the month I have a little break from posting content. There needs to be time to think. Each month seems to bring a new set of challenges. Also just being able to think at all seems like a luxury these days. There are so many distractions. There are a lot of opportunities that can start to surface as you stop to think. Most ideas surface out of what seems like nowhere. Things bubble up to the surface. I found it funny to consider ideas around how humans actually don’t think at all. They simply seem to think. In a way I heard this from a review of a book and thought about my own foggy brain. There in a way doesn’t seem like much is actually clear. Clarity does arrive though. Whether that is the process of what we call thinking or if it is a way of seeing something in the muddy waters for a moment I don’t really know. There is a process of interest and thinking which can seem listless or maybe unclarified in that essentially it makes no sense but when processed seems to take on a temporary form thus writing itself.


Writing is that encapsulated form of clarity which at times seems just as muddy as what goes on in our own minds. That is the point though because everything needs to be processed and it takes time. That is the missing ingredient. Application and time. Also setting these thoughts out. These muddy messy ideas into a form. The form of a word itself is truly quite blurry when we consider it in our own minds. It links with experience and knowledge. When I read something sometimes what is missing is prior knowledge which means I get sent in another direction. Eventually though there can be a meeting point. A point of reference back to the whole meaning but it depends. Is it truly that relevant to what you are interested in? Can it make you understand the core ideas? That it seems depends on your drive and general interests as well as specialised knowledge. You can’t at the end of the day know everything.


So if we really don’t think then we do a very good job at looking like we do. We seem full of references and prior knowledge as well as complete ignorance. In terms of processing symbols and their various signs we build on reference itself. Specialised knowledge needs constant re clarification to keep it moving. The signs all seem to be pointing at each other. Different signs for different people. It is an interesting process. It is interesting to know symbols have physical properties and that our bodies are physical entities.

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