I am actually very happy I can work platform independent with writing which is why I chose to have various platforms in the first place. Which was to have choice. Obviously some industry standard applications only work on two platforms like Photoshop for example but that is why I would use image editor GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) because I could use it on any device. In regards to GIMP it was like using an older version of Photoshop which wasn’t an issue for me anyway.


There is some very powerful features in Photoshop and if I was a professional editor I would use it. My platform would be Apple for sure as Windows seems a little top heavy at times for example forced updates and that kind of inconvenience. Though I don’t want to feel stuck with a platform. Especially when it comes to writing. It is a technology that doesn’t need heavy lifting. That was why I like iBooks Author because it was in essence a multimedia platform but where I am heading now with my writing I don’t need to include video or many images.


My first two booklets were full of images and they look great on iBooks too but as I got solely into writing it didn’t seem to be ideal. Even today I spent time writing in my Linux computer just as it was where I was at the time. The only downside to texmaker on Linux is it doesn’t have automated spell check working by default. I may need to look into getting it working soon. Actually it was an easy fix I just had to locate the dictionary which I did. Good old UK English for Australians. It works well now. Not sure why my system puts other UK and AU dictionaries in another directory away from US spelling.

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