Latex typesetting

I had come across a few technical documents and was reminded of a friends PHD where he used the typesetting application called Latex. Normally I write books in iBooks Author which I like but I had some issues with a new piece of writing I was working on. I worked out the issue I had. It was very simple but I looked at Latex to see how it would produce documents in the meantime. It is very good but I still prefer iBooks Author. I will use Latex though for this piece as I want a very paired back PDF for my site. The main writing will be done in iBooks and I will still put work on the platform but I need to expand to Kindle. That was where Pandoc came in which can read Latex files and convert them to ePub and other formats.


Latex is very versatile because all you need is a text editor and you use markup to design. Then you simply have the file converted to PDF or other formats depending on converters. It is aimed at technical documents so it is overkill for what I am doing but it makes great output. I love text files and for a while I was mainly working with basic text, especially when working on voice dialog on computer. Latex is a very old typesetting application and was around in the 80s which seems to be used a lot in universities today. Most essays I have seen which are scientific would most likely use Latex. It has a lot of markup for mathematical calculations.


I was happy to see that basically it is very easy to use with texlive though once you have the structure any text editor will do. The main thing about looking at Latex is seeing how documents can be structured. I was disappointed with my main editor because it didn’t make the sections how I had wanted them whereas Latex did. I would have a chapter that had a section as an ending. It was simply something I wanted aesthetically and Latex numbered them which was a nice touch. Also there is a lot to learn from how documents can be structured in a technical sense. Just looking at templates has made me realise how little I actually knew though I see these documents pop up here and there in my research and reading.


A little bit of a distraction learning new tools. Just while I think about how I would like to present some documents. The main thing is being distraction free but every now and then I just want to see what some of these tools can do.

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