Making inroads

Had made inroads with LaTeX and have changed my workflow. It seems more platform independent to work in text. I was worried that I could be stuck on Apple devices for all of my main writing. I tend to work on different platforms a lot. LaTeX can be used anywhere and it is flexible. Also correction is easier in LaTeX I have found.

Have also been digging around old writing. I have years worth of nonesense. Unfinished stories and such. It is fun just editing them. A lot is unusable but interesting anyway. I can see glimpses of newer writing. I suppose the ideas are always there but they were quite raw.

I really get immersed in writing more than I used to anyway. I can spend hours looking over text and editing. Typesetting is quite interesting too. So far I have put together a few a5 books and I will be printing some soon in a report style. It is basic but I have some interest from people. Also I was want some physical copies for myself.

The books are around twenty dollars including postage which is good. They are around fifteen dollars to produce or thereabouts.

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