Whole world appears

It is interesting to consider something a martial arts master had explained to the class. It was that reality can be simplified to a point. The point may be a form or set of techniques. They can be quite simple and very few. Then something happens from this concentration. Keeping in mind that it is also a part of thinking. You pass through the point and another world opens up. In effect you concentrate your efforts into a narrow focus that becomes so small that it literally opens up another world.

This happens if you consider specialisation. All of a sudden something in its most particular form can be transformed though it is a different set of results. Industrialisation could be considered as a process of specialised processes that pass through particular points and open up new possibilities. I have been spending more time thinking about this because I am interested in how narrowing down focus can bring about a new world. We are on the cusp of these transitions all of the time but we can stumble because some people just don’t get it.


The people who it can be lost on at the moment are leaders unfortunately. They don’t understand the gravity of some of these changes. That we are passing through a point. It may not bode well because we need to be prepared for a new world. It can be dangerous as well. This really explains my thinking about the world and also the power of specialised practice. It is more beneficial if the transition is on a smaller human scale. In that case the person changes their perspective. Writing is a good example. In that you concentrate on the writing and eventually a whole world appears.

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