55 Sydenham road

They were experimental and taking chances yet it seems art is more about playing your cards right. The quote below is on 55 closing. It is pure self righteous drivel from the art world and its twisted understanding of creativity. May art rest in peace.


“Nothing of substance ever came out of it, and in due course nothing of it will be remembered.

It waddled through the sector like a zombie, amassing the artful undead into a swarm of their own stupor. Dank, exclusive, and reeking of entitlement – 55 was not unlike a band of anarchists who refuse to bathe in protest of water.

Their exhibition program, a cacophony of failures – a wailing experimental piece on loop for seven long wasted years. Dubbed as grassroots, but more parochial lethargy. It’s no surprise that so many shunned it for its inability to yield any stature outside of the naval gazing it was renowned for.

Predictably the sanctity of Australian art history will remain unruffled by this pompous blip, and the toxic sulk it dribbled onto our prized institutions, stables, and professionals – all of who can now sleep peacefully in the knowledge that another excess born of the artworld’s negligence has recoiled into the abyss from which it arose.”

Chris Kennedy

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