Writing in the mind

There has a been a particular transition with art for me. Initially I was interested in cinematic work but it was lo-fi video. There has been an interest that developed of emotional dialogues. This was the end of art for me and the start of writing. It is so much easier to be cringey in writing than in art. My interests have gone that way. I love emotional landscapes and finding the language to pull apart behaviours and look at ideas. It was ideas that kept me interested in art. I still like conceptual art but it seems so convoluted or full of difficulties that are unnecessary in writing. In a way art is physically a piece of writing but maybe an element of it or some elements. Whereas writing can be free even though it is locked in a book or story.


Everything has difficulties but when you present something in art that should be writing you leave behind a lot. You can’t absorb the subtleties of a story when all you can do is see a piece at a random point or for a single moment or two. It doesn’t translate. It makes no sense. When it is written and when it is read there is a passing of time. It is unlike a movie because a movie has a fixed point of contact. It pretends to move. It makes you think it moves. A book though moves in many ways. It goes inside and has to be processed. It enters your mind.

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