Have started developing a new short story book though it is in early stages. It could be labelled sci-fi though it is another dystopian future novel. It is early days and I want it to seem very normal. Like how we feel in day day dealings today with the complexities of life. It is called ‘Precision’ at least so far. I love the characters so far they are really nice. It is a bit like the nice people can be when they are living in a bubble. The truth is we all live in a bit of a bubble all of the time.


The story is loosely based on a dream I had decades ago that I could never forget. In the dreams (they were recurring) humans had simply become another product. It seems today we may be near that as a reality. I will see how I can develop it. I am more interested in the ideas than just in characters though I will develop some. I am not big on heroics though I think I want contrasts. Contrasts between socio economic types. Contrasts in realities.

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