Book draft

Had my book draft looked at and had some great feedback. I think letting someone else see it has been great. Also it made me realise my structure wasn’t as bad as I thought. The actual writing is pretty good. The voice is very strong and it carries. I have started adding to it again. The problem I had was I thought the way I broke the stories into very short chapters was jarring but in a way it lets you absorb each chapter as my writing is concise. The way the story changes lets the reader move through what is involved material. It is like a short sharp series of consecutive questions which leave you wondering. Instead of providing answers this creates momentum to make the story feel like it is going somewhere. The only answer now is to keep writing and adding stories. They kind of fall into each other. The other thing is I realise I can come back to material and create variations so I feel like I can add more honing on the themes of loneliness and impending madness.


I am starting to feel free as a writer. I can feel myself freeing up and taking charge of the story. I think I can play with the ideas a lot more and make this a good piece of writing as well as a good story. My confidence is back. It is interesting to consider the characters and in a way I don’t really have to fill them out too much because the general goings on give the reader a good idea. I think if I can develop the theme the characters will get a chance to really develop and come out of their shells. They can grow with the story and for me that is wonderful.

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