Graffiti video highlights

In terms of what is acceptable there are limits. Maybe my kids found it weird to see me making ridiculous videos and posting them. All in all though out of all of these experiments only about three worked. Only one was finished enough to put on YouTube with the others being off the cuff and fairly pedestrian. The thing is though I need to include video in what I do but I want a tie in to my graffiti work. Maybe I will make at least a minute long video to highlight a new work. I want it have some spontaneity but also some finish too. I may purchase a mobile phone tripod to help the process.

One thing I do love though is the way stabilisation works on iOS, it can add an interesting giddy feel to hand held footage. I like that it moves smoothly while you hold it to limit jarring movements. It is quite clever really and it reminds me of being on a ship. Mostly with video humour is really good and I do have those moments occasionally but I want to have records of my graffiti that highlight the one off nature of the work. Each work I do I put a panorama shot on my Flickr profile as an archive. The same thing in video would be great.

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