Video barrage

My daughter went away for a week to see my eldest daughter in inner New South Wales and I went on a video barrage of social media. It was very experimental and came across in various ways. It made me realise though that Instagram seems more primed for video content in that you generally get the same audience and I am sure some people found it too much but there was a better reaction overall. On Facebook which is a little more personal there was concern understandably.

The ideas I wanted to explore were ideas of putting people in a box. For instance ideas like mental illness which can limit peoples abilities to be taken seriously. I also explored masculinity and emotions as well and also gave off the cuff meandering verbal descriptions of what I thought of art and street art and graffiti in lieu of my own position in these territories.

It was part tirade, part mental breakdown, part art experiment slash social experiment. All in all though I felt it helped position me away from graffiti structures which was good so I can explore that without having to fly a certain flag or feel boxed in. With art I explained and found that I don’t quite fit the bill. I jokingly used the term ‘mutant artist’ to describe my predicament. The other issue is mental illnes is such a stigma in Australia that there are no galleries or networks dedicated to it and there probably should be (if there are I don’t know about them).

So it was part mental problem part experiment part letting off steam and I am glad I have some new tools to work with to get ideas across. That in itself is good.

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