art of cringe

In 2003 I started trying to write more. I would mainly write profile type pieces. So I made one for Myspace and as soon as I posted it Banksy unfollowed me. It didn’t really bother me because I kept pushing that kind of emotional corny style. It was cringey but I made a lot of works around cringe. I initially called it awkward to kind of explain it. It was also a period where I was losing my mind so it kind was a theme from that. But a lot of my writing which I attempted was kind of cringey and corny but it never really stopped. I made videos as well which were kind of corny.

My master work though from this was my piece in 2013 called ‘discarded words’. It had a very good conceptual framework but the actual material was a cringe fest. The framework was found digital text that was voice synthesised and the text was what I had named ‘by an unknown author’. So the dialogue was personal. It was for a show on recycling.

The thing to remember is I prefer to engage with emotions. Writing is better suited to this as it is quite personal in its format. I like to talk about emotions because I feel they cause a lot of problems when they are not properly dealt with. I had an old mate who spent a lot of time in gaol and really his issues were tied to emotions. He couldn’t deal with his emotions and it turned into violence. Even when Robbo and Banksy were duking it out in the end emotional based violence killed Robbo. Tell me I am wrong. The whole issue was tied to pride and emotions over events that had happened years before. They both needed to deal with their cringey feelings. My two main themes are the tie in of ideas and emotions. They are almost the same thing. We are told to ignore certain emotions that are cringey. But those ideas are good to explore because you can see them and act on them before they turn nasty.

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