Art and research

Have written a lot about street art and graffiti and normally I come back to the primacy of art. Art doesn’t really serve me well at all but it is more about art, even though heavily affected by fashion having a bigger framework for a variety of work. The things that can come across in art are almost never ending. Whereas street art and graffiti have strict limits. Personally even though I have no real connection to art in the way of collectors or that type of thing the work I have made has been my most interesting work. Generally I would team up with other artists in an artist run space and we would put on a show.

Exploration is key and you can conjure up almost anything. It is purely experimental but in a way these experiences lay the foundations and you sometimes need to find a standard of working that is a little more commercial. I feel for the artists who are embedded in this experimental way of working. It is hard work. Also it is very much misunderstood. Even universities now expect a more limited framework. People for years have complained that limiting research will only hinder the ability of art and all it feeds into losing a creative edge.

For instance when you see a work especially a more contemporary piece there are at times not just an exploration of ideas but an exploration of materials and processes which can have knock on effects to other industries and from other industries. Art grows like the processes of industry and design. Once you limit one part of this experimental material conceptual framework you lose this in other industries. Money itself isn’t bred of money as growth. It is bred as money of research. Some research has no benefit but there can be surprises. There is a lot we don’t know that can be created from pure research and what people expect now may change.

I am not just talking about the fields of art that take existing technologies and see where they can go because that is important but about the people who build technology itself. They need the research money even more because they can create a new experience. Although even existing technology can have hidden surprises that can be drawn out of artistic research. This is why I don’t really get caught up in the street art graffiti dynamic because there are more open frameworks and believe me they are not open slaver, they are difficult areas to gain access. But wouldn’t you prefer a bigger framework than ones that are implicitly limited and lacking in nearly every way? You have to deal with ‘wankers’ some where down the line. Though one with a bigger vision is at least more promising for research and development.

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