Stay crazy, stay positive

So really I have tried to make what I do in essence educational therapy for myself but I hope I can give guys who do graffiti and also anyone who is interested an insight into making stories that can change their reality. That is my point of what I see in graffiti of people changing the reality of their lives and the world around them through graffiti. Not letting it be the reason they find themselves tied into more crime. It is a pretty pointless thing to try and do because there is no audience. It is simply what I chose to do but I know a few young people who have been inspired by my work and what I do. They may not understand my motives but they know they don’t have to land in gaol. They can make all sorts of things, maybe they can learn about art.


What we need to remember that in my state accessible art courses have been discontinued through cut backs. Even university is under threat. So this means people will have less choices and more hurdles. But what I am showing in my art practice is you can do it yourself. So many times when I tell people I don’t do art full time they turn away from me. They cease talking. It is because they don’t believe in their own abilities. It is always the same depressing story. They gave it away due to work. I also work full time and I just chip away at it. Why shouldn’t I believe in my art even if nobody else does? People are not happy and have no confidence.


I admit having a mental illness helps me to just keep making things. It helps me stay creative. I have said before I don’t want wallow in the depressing nature of reality. I would rather build my own stories and live my own life free of other peoples obsessive depression and lack of drive to accept they need to change their own realities. That is essentially the power of graffiti. To change your understanding of yourself and change the reality around you. I still hold art more highly but really they don’t care less about the people struggling unless they can make an artwork about it. Street art is now a cash game. Graffiti can be positive if we believe in ourselves and our own abilities to be creative. Stay crazy!

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