An ending or a beginning?

The world had changed, commerce had quickened and people could browse a catalogue on a device they held in their had. They felt that everything was in fact malleable and packable. Reality on the other hand was messy and couldn’t be just be boxed and labelled. There was a lot of ingenuity though to package. Public image had become a package as well in that you could glean values and attitudes from profiles on the internet. Suddenly everyone could be graphed sorted and manipulated. People had given up on feel good fights. There was nothing but data and calculation. We all could be bought even with no cash being transacted. It was free but at what cost? Everything you did was within the confines of an algorithm and they would try and box you. The reality though was things in the world were messy they had a level of unpredictability. The fight to impose order and control was tightening.

We were going to bring unpredictability to a halt. We could control it from within your own home. We knew everything about you. Everything you did was recorded and ordered while catalogued. People were notorious for repurpose, they could change something even if it meant their downfall. At the same time the real world had lost control. People were always distracted. They had their faces in a screen while graffiti artists took over space. As they marked surfaces. But there was always someone watching. There were eyes everywhere. When you got a knock on the door they had matched the photograph to the close circuit television footage. You had been caught and we knew you were there. We knew what you were thinking. The battle of culture was at hand. They gleaned your profile and said you fit into this section of our belief system. You are the threat. The weapon that may explode. Even though they were wrong they knew. They knew what they could get their hands on. Data. It was all data to be fed into machines. The big problem with this was we still human. We couldn’t really be impartial. We had bias and our own past to deal with. If only life came with a manual. For some people though it did. They had ceased being human. They had no empathy anymore. They couldn’t deal with reality. Reality was the real enemy. They had been trying to kill reality for decades. Maybe finally they had a real chance. Only in time would we be able to tell.

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