box and label dot com

I was admiring a young woman who is a powerful social figure and she had ‘Fear of a black planet’ on her sweater. I follow her on Instagram and I made a positive comment. An ‘alt right’ member made a comment using one of their terms which I won’t use because I don’t read the ‘alt right’ manual of life and everything in between. So I had words and he had words. What I found though was this faceless person had seen my profile and then thought ‘I know everything about this person’. He was like a demi god of the internet who was faceless and using terms bred of ignorance. He had literally put me in a box and labelled me with one of their perverse terms.

I told him you can’t make these judgements based on my public image as I am a separate person. It was a case of you don’t know me. It must be an internet thing. The internet has made some people feel omni potent as though algorithms will rule over all. In a way you can become addicted to algorithms but you still can’t neatly place someone. Even if this guy read my whole blog and deduced keywords making graphs and analysing it he would only really know the ‘blogging me’. I am still outside of this neat box and I don’t want to step into one. These people though want to put you in a box. They want to know that they have you covered by a term or are accessible through a kind of ‘manual of what I hate about x,y or z’.

Life isn’t internet shopping. Alt right is really bred of this experience. Everything can be packaged and shipped on these terms. The problem though the t-shirt is three sizes too big or too small. Life goes on being complicated and slipping out of the box.

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