“Finding shore” by Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno

Also listened to “Finding Shore” by Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno. It comes across as quite a personal set of observations. Tom Rogerson is a pianist. I had read he lives in the same part of England as Eno and the album has a feel of comfortable camaraderie. At times there seems to be a promise of more only for the music to stop which in the end had a better effect as it lead to a new song that seemed to be the true direction of the previous one. Even small parts that almost annoy me, they just move into fresh territory maybe like a sweeping look over hills and sea from a walk. The repetition of being human in a world that is always changing ever so slightly but with little hint at where it may go is captured. Like a set of clouds that by the afternoon will be completely different. It is like a mood. There are definite moods in this album but it is gentle. I saw it described as quite robotic which I can see but to me it is the way it observes. There are broad observations. The more mechanical parts could be the machinery that jots the sea and landscape such as a large trawler or a jetty even a boat slip which is quite ugly but in a way charms people into thinking of all the adventures people on a boat could have. There is nature, there is machinery of some vague description and there are two musicians exploring the landscape. The whole album comes together and it doesn’t seem intent on pleasing the listener only. It wants you to observe.

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