“Landfall” the album

Had a listen to the new release by Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet called “Landfall”. It is interesting how some of this material can make you feel a little cold. Art can sometimes be intimidating. I prefer this myself because I like to feel I am being set free into an expansive universe. Into something potentially endless and with unclear boundaries. The fact is it is quite structured but a complex structure and it doesn’t stray far from existing territory. Though it is a type that creates this expansive scope in comparison to some music. It builds on what they have done but goes quite well together and it is ominous because it is about natural events that are alarming. Events that make us realise we are under the influence of nature and its power. We are natures subjects though unruly ones. We lose touch with nature and it will remind us that it is there and I feel that this album deals with that well. It is a reminder of how fragile we are. Art can really make us aware of our frailty.

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