Great big mess(age)

In terms of a great big mess, graffiti really takes the cake. In some ways writing helps me reorganise and structure the graffiti in my mind. Even that is in its own way can only do so much. Even ideas take on a life of their own passing from mind to mind. They are reorganised, de-constructed and put back together but maybe with less or more sense. More or less they leak out in so many ways. Behaviour is a great example. Manipulation of information and its core ability to be decoded and encoded again and again naturally taking on new forms in time. They are old ideas that seem to never leave truly, but they find the mark and keep morphing. As long as ideas can interlink and change with people. Symbols crunching away. The writing that never ceases taking on new roles but essentially repeating the same stories in so many variations. Underneath it all is people in a social world trying to get along if they know what is good for them.

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