Exactly a week ago a friend and myself were painting a wall in Newtown. Most of the day painting went well, it was all coming together and we were happy with our efforts. As the day came to a close my friend nervously looked up the lane way. “What’s wrong” I asked him. He looked down. “They are here” he replied. I already knew what he was talking about but wanted confirmation before I asked. There are two notorious agitators in Sydney graffiti. My friend had a few run ins with the ringleader. One of them came marching down the lane. I put my hand out feigning a hello to see what his reaction would be. He walked by menacingly heading to the wall while saying “What is this shit?. I walked up to him as he was about to start defacing my friends part of the mural. I confronted him and we locked eyes.

Basically they are deranged. They are mental cases but I was also a mental case with a little more social tact. I lost it. Soon I was shouting him away from the wall. He faced a barrage of my verbal aggression. He knew that at the end of the day I was actually crazier. I don’t actually get physical because I don’t need to. He knew I wasn’t playing games. He kept backing off while his friend stood at the other end of the lane. His friend screamed out but I verbally cut him off. “Not you again, I have heard enough from you” I yelled. They left and my friend was visibly shaken. We couldn’t really hang around the wall forever and we decided to leave just to avoid any more confrontation. After we left they defaced my friends part of the mural. I fixed it two days later with another friend. I avoid confrontation but when it comes to me I don’t hold back. I am a lover not a fighter and I love peace and sometimes you have to fight for peace.

I realised that we had attracted this energy. My friend apologised for drawing me in to his drama. I told him it was time to do something positive and go to the beach and disassociate from whatever we had been doing. It was time to make some changes and be wiser about where we showed our faces. We do public art and sometimes we can be targeted for being different. For not following the graffiti rule book. We are just artists who happen to use spray cans. It definitely made me realise it was time for a positive change.

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