Thinking aloud

Had made a new work that was a little bigger called “Where dreams are made” it is 26×26 inches which I posted last week. It isn’t as finished as I would like and is a little bit rushed but really wanted to keep the paint work a little abstract. Maybe a little messy and under resolved too. I am not as fussed by pure technique. It doesn’t really seem to be as big an issue as it could be. It may even be a motif in itself. Technique is important and paint quality but getting ideas across is the real point of the exercise. I can be the same with aerosol work where I am happier sketching out an idea without too much fuss. To be honest it does have some problems but they don’t warrant as much urgency. The proof though will be in a few months when the dust settles and possibly the issues are too jarring or if it just keeps steady. There have been plenty of works where I have been concerned over technical details but most importantly does the work have a message and is that still clear. In other words is the signal still strong enough to get through the noise. Or even the other way around. The bottom section bothers me but I still feel it needs to be there. The painting there is pretty average. A seasoned painter wouldn’t like it. It is too unfinished. My painting of Jesus was the same but in the end I left it with poor quality paint work regardless. I stored it and I actually really like it now. It is the honesty of the paint work maybe. It is just kind of direct and to the point.

There is always a desire to polish up all of the loose ends but feel it is a mistake for some reason. It could be about treading lightly too. These works are leading in to a new way of working. But I want it to still be about the paint. It isn’t just a slick mask. I want paint to still be the main element with the ideas set within it. My ex partner was a good painter like that. It was more traditional than what I am doing. Will be interested to see what I think in a few weeks time. I was surprised the Jesus painting survived but it did and in a way it is my favourite. It is a favourite in that anyone could have painted it. My own beast Jesus maybe? It could never be a meme though like the beast Jesus meme. It isn’t in that category at all. My opinion is it is a good starting point either way.

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