Not quite like that

Definitely open to different ideas. My art tends to collaborate when I need it to. Lately have made rather rigid work on walls as my shoulder is healing and is around two acupuncture sessions from being back to normal. Would love to see some other ideas. Things can just happen in their own way. They can blossom. They can grow. New ideas are hard to come by. We sometimes want to be encroached in our own mental garden and not let new ideas astray in our own boundaries. When and how do ideas just rise up out of minds and come into the world to shake things up? Things that make you wonder and let your mind wander. Everything has been done before but not quite like that. We all borrow from culture and if you happen to be out of the thread, where things have frayed and fallen out of the structure you may catch a glimpse of the energies that move the world.

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