Overview of creative pursuits

In 2016 I made some very graffiti inspired artworks which was a great achievement for me as I felt a lot of my art had been quite unfinished or open. This year I took the same approach but added figurative elements which I felt was good as well. I managed to sell some of the work and they generated some interest so it was a nice change. All of these works were made using paint pens so it borrowed from my graffiti work. The past few months I decided to make work just using brush work and layers. It was interesting because they were definitely complex and finished. My sale prices were a lot higher so nobody has bought any yet and probably won’t for a while.

The sale prices were a lot higher to be frank. But so far I am not willing to sell complex work that can take days or even weeks for low prices which is fair enough. The only issue I have had is that I am not as keen to simply pump these types of paintings out as they require a lot of attention even if for short periods over an indeterminable time period. So far I have only made three artworks in this fashion with one being a little substandard.

Currently though as winter finishes I feel like I need to just think things over. It has been a bad flu season in Australia this winter and I have just been taking it easy with short bursts of activity and concentrated effort. So far I haven’t had the flu but everyone else seems to have had it. It is currently spring and it is probably colder than winter though the sun is out.

Winter in Sydney is quite mild and you only feel it in the shade or if the wind picks up. But when you consider that the flu has been virulent I have been lucky so far and able to keep making work. I am starting some acupuncture at the end of the week and I hope it helps heal my current injury. I work with a lot of heavy items and general wear and tear can get in the way. This though only affects murals at the moment when I need reach. The last time I had acupuncture it took about twelve weeks of one week sessions to get me on the mend. Luckily it is covered by Medicare or I would be paying though at the moment I would happily pay for it.

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