Originally when I heard about same sex marriage I didn’t like the idea of marriage full stop and saw it is as conservative attitudes creeping into every facet of life. I always saw homosexuality as progressive and vibrant. An alternative. But what I missed was simply the fact that people need choices and that is my new flag that I wave these days. The more choices the more likelihood of ethical choices and creating choices to my current thinking is against conservative values of limiting choices down to the logic of the dollar.

More choices and more freedom so people can make the right choice. I can see the flip side to my argument but the difference with my argument is I am talking about freedoms that benefit everyone not choices that limit peoples ability to be decent citizens. I feel as though some freedom of speech arguments have been hijacked to create a loop hole to let people be disharmonious and pigeon hole people. Flipping the argument is fine but it has to have positive benefits. So when I got my survey I said YES to marriage equality. Why not open doors rather than leave them closed to elitists or conservatives. At the end of the day this should have been decided in parliament for the good of all Australians but instead it has been turned into a circus.

It is difficult to say which way it will go because you have 35% saying no and 35% saying yes and then that 30% who could go either way. There isn’t a lot of room to move. Conservative voices are strong in this dollar centric world. It will be interesting to see where it goes. Australia is very conservative and the progressives are a minority. If you consider our political climate it could be close. Lets put it out there and increase freedoms rather than take them away as has been the trend for the new millennium.

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