We all need choices

I was reading an article about Elephant poaching and it made me think of wealth disparity and the inherent lack of ethical choices when money is scarce. Really if there was a better alternate employment in some countries we wouldn’t have these types of industries.

The fact that in Sydney people have to make hard choices in light of property prices and living prices there can be little thought of ethical choices. Not to say that everyone in Sydney is selling drugs and hustling but I am sure the only real winners in the Sydney property market are the super rich or criminal gangs. Maybe prostitution is booming but I have no idea.

It isn’t a winning environment for a lot of people. Then we get a bad deal when governments won’t invest in renewable energy because of the pressure on households to spend more on renewable energy but this simply ignores the real problem which is property inflation.

Another example would be the lock out laws in Sydney. They don’t really have much to do with anti-social behaviour or controlling it but more with the improvement of an areas development potential. If it isn’t social profiling then it is real estate enhancement, or maybe both?

But this is what gets me, the further we walk into this abyss of the have and have not’s we end up with desperate people who could and will do anything. The less choices the more dubious the choice is because it isn’t a real choice but a way to get a dollar. The poacher is just trying to get paid. They need choices. We all do.

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