Was reading an article today and it talked about the 13th Century ´Forest act’ where people were guaranteed land to cultivate and live on. Then in the 15th Century Mercantile culture started taking common land and making it private which eventually birthed the wage where we traded our labour for money. The article built up to the point of automation and robots taking jobs and how some countries are looking at a universal wage to minimise extreme poverty and inequality. There are so many great ideas and when we look at governments privatising and welfare pinching it makes you wonder how we can implemement ideas that minimise inequality.

These kind of wage guarantees are a great idea if we look at history and how people have been bargained into private ownership and how we can´t be guaranteed a wage if jobs go offshore or are automated. These kind of attitudes make you wonder where you will put your next vote. In some ways I can see where mine may go.

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