In terms of having psychotic tendancies, is there a shame in getting it wrong? In some ways I look back at art decisions and know I have chosen to express psychosis and I feel it was the best choice. Even though people scratch their heads I am aiming for acceptance but it doesn´t really work that way. Usually it is simply wrong. It is showing that there is something different about how you express yourself and highlights that it is wrong. It shows that art isn´t about expression but about what is appropriate.

Persoanlly I feel that is sad. It is amazing when something new emerges and in the frenzy of its emergence is a confusing period where anything goes. Street art is a good example. Then it becomes normalised and takes on its characteristics and becomes more about mimicry and culture. The reason I am bringing this up is that in 2014 I did a work with a friend and I just got it so wrong. I painted something purely psychotic. It isn´t offensive but it is wrong in the picture of what a two name graffiti piece is supposed to do.

It isn´t boundary pushing because it isn´t technically different. It is simply different. It looks bad but not in a stylised way. My friends support me but they can´t put their work into that context. That to me is sad. What I have realised though that it isn´t about the expression of this state of thinking or approach. After doing these kinds of work I now want to just innovate within the fold. It isn´t copping out but simply showing people up. Showing that you can do what they do but better. I look back on these wrong pieces and I am glad I had the confidence to explore this territory but I don´t want to stay there.

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