Cognition and technology

Expressing yourself is easier said than done. There are so many ways we can get our voices heard in different ways. They can be subtle but heard. We can ignore or engage. There is so much of our headspace tied into paying attention. There are so many things that seem to be going on. One issue I had with my mental condition was a feeling of being overwhelmed. It felt as though so much had happened in one day that I was exhausted by the end of it. As I progressed in treatment I actually found that nothing real had been happening it was just the mechanations of my psychotic mind.

What happens today in the world of connected engagement is no different to that feeling of overwhelming information. So little of it is relevant, then other parts are. I would sit and think looking for the relevance in my busy mind but it was a constant world of distraction and noise. In my mind I had fictitious brothers there were dreams that seemed real and the real seemed like a dream. There were no boundaries between the inside and outside between the imagined and the real. There is a psychosis of connection that blurs the real and the imagined in the world of technology.

Skinnerś ´Variable Ratio Enforcement´ is another interesting part of the cognitive puzzle we live in where his research plays into technology and how we engage with it. It isn´t that I find it interesting to compare my own psychosis with technological engagement but that it posits some similar feelings is interesting. The truth is it is more like gambling in a lot of ways through a token economy and limited unpredictable reinforcement making it so much more engaging. I tend to have similar issues with engaging in social technologies and psychosis. It is more my own issue but it can have a big effect on cognition.

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