When I am losing the plot

Any way I suppose I occasionally lose the plot. Since I went back on social media I just lost my marbles. When I was in my twenties I had issues when I drank alcohol. Not all of the time but sometimes I would get abusive or aggressive. When I was a teen I was verbally abused by an alcoholic for years and it really affected me for a long time. My solution in the end was to quit alcohol altogether and I have successfully done so and I am great to be around.
Social media has the same affect on me as alcohol. The endless distractions and various mindless debates drive me batty. So every now and then I don’t go on it for a few months at a time. This is good but due to my curiosity I will go back on just to see the latest goings on and it is fairly ubiquitous. Normally it wouldn’t be so stressful but due to current events and other factors it is a minefield. So once again I have to abstain.

I hope it can be permanent. I throw my ideas around fairly well but then so does nearly everyone and in the end the most entertaining posts win even if they are highly questionable. Even though it is a bit batty I feel that the distraction and entertainment value are problematic not just for me but for anyone. Funnily enough my youngest daughter has grown up with these issues in that school age children will use their platforms in exactly the same way as the adults do and with literally the same results. She has learnt her lesson in that she realises it is a waste of time. It is funny to think that adults are afraid of children becoming mindless zombies when in fact it is really the adults who are going down that path.

Who would have thought that Facebook would have a similar effect on me as alcohol once did. A kind of verbal tirade full of invective. But really I am like anyone else, I am totally annoyed at the government for eroding services and thinking people will just live with it. At one stage you paid taxes and hoped you could get welfare if you really needed it but the realities are quite the opposite though you are still paying your taxes. If I had a decent tax break I would probably accept that I need to be self reliant on healthcare and my own welfare. There have been times I have had to pay the government back in the past couple of years for fairly vague reasons. I just paid it and got on with it.

As a side story I had always voted since I was eighteen and then in the Howard years I was booted off the electoral role as I had moved almost twenty times over a number of years and didn’t have it confirmed until years later when I called them. I just reenrolled to vote as I can’t deal with the idea of Australia becoming a mad house like the US which seems on the cards. Hopefully the government can see that their credibility is at stake but they seem set on their agendas. I don’t want to lose faith in everything and I always hold hope that people can and will have more than their own interests at heart.

One thought on “When I am losing the plot

  1. Such an interesting read, I do think Social Media has a much bigger effect than people realise, which I actually wrote about recently. Services are need more than ever.. it appears Governments think otherwise.

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