Just thinking about the flag burning in Sydney. See below

People have been pushed to the edge and then people wonder why a flag has been burnt. Flag burning has quite difficult associations when we consider the point it can convey. Flag burning is normally done by enemies of a state. Indigenous Australians as characterised as a minority and of negligible threat seem easily ignored on days that celebrate what is truly a day that should be contemplated. My personal opinion is that flag burning is symbolic but not the particular symbol we need. It is obviously impossible to communicate without symbols but what we need is to find a way to unravel the labyrinth. People have lost faith in symbols of freedom and it seems what we see on the streets are symbols of war.

A great change would be a clear positive force of leadership but instead we have parties with other interests. This possibility is probably dead in the water. We have a lot of problems and these problems need decisive thinking. We need to start again and normally that is the call of war to recheck the system. The issue though is too much is at stake. We need new kinds of leadership who aren’t distracted through populism. We all know business and market based decisions are a disaster zone. Input from the public is fine in regard to voting on leaders but who is really fit to lead in such difficult times? Sometimes I get the feeling we need a miracle. I can fully understand why the idea of miracles exist. To give us hope and symbolise solutions.

I would prefer to see creative disruptions that are augmented or orchestrated to create the world we want to be living in. It isn’t about rainbows or fairies. A lot of artists have been at it for years already. It is truly powerful but a lot of people are preferring violence and most likely aren’t creative enough to truly launch these offensives. So it isn’t just about leadership but the general state of the people. We are so many steps away from self reliance. Hopefully I can be part of the creative disruptions. I hope for peace. Prosperity should be shared. People have every right to protest and if a flag gets burnt so be it. Just hopefully we all can listen Indigenous Australians who carry the history of this continent and disrupt peacefully and creatively.

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