Great Irony

Alternatively spelled Wergeld. Ingham notes the philological connection between “money (German Geld), indemnity or sacrifice (Old English Geild), tax (Gothic Gild) and, of course, guilt”
——Geoffrey Ingham ‘The nature of money’

One thing to surmise is the notions of money as laid out by Geoffrey Ingham in regard to debt and guilt. Then think of applicable social barriers such as mandatory detention and the application of social guilt. The guilt applicable to being wrong is applied as a debt to the tax payer that for some unknown reason seems worthwhile with incarceration as part of the national interest. While welfare seems to accrue a debt socially and monetarily in terms of government policy and creating distress for those who don’t deserve it.
The policies are enacted against minorities as they tend to be the easiest target as big business skip tax and receive special treatment. This highlights the issue of accepting the use of incarceration of asylum seekers as it only widens the governments attacks on all minorities in a myriad of strategies.
The government can get away with it as on the surface it seems fair as all parties seem to have a debt of guilt to Australian society whereas in fact the concept is completely baseless as people are only wrong if proven so through institutional processes that are fair. The issue is the institutional laws have made the parties guilty even though they have actually done no wrong. Coming to Australia by boat in itself is of course not illegal but for the purpose of settlement it has become illegal. What a great irony we have enacted through law.

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