Paze and Rexzy possibilities

Just thinking about visual work. Not very interested in doing much at the moment but the following sums up my situation.

Working with Paze is difficult because I am not really an established consistent painter whereas Paze is. It just doesn’t feel right as well. I have worked to be a painter on the edge of the field and working with him brings me into the fold. I prefer to remain difficult and on the outside. Paze is largely underground but has a lot of support from people in the know. Me working with him is like working with Stylz another consistent painter. These types of things are not meant to happen and shouldn’t.

Paze harks back to early graffiti in Sydney. He was established and a highly skilled painter early on. He always kept working but underground. Finding his work was a matter of chance as he painted in places not many people knew of. He and Zap recently painted and it was a great wall. My own feelings about painting are tied up into my style which is largely rebellious and disjointed. It works with Zap for some reason. Possibly because Zap’s style anchors the wall visually.

This doesn’t mean I can’t work with anyone. There is a possibility my approach could work with Rexzy a more visually explorative painter. Also Rexzy saw my work and really liked it on a day he came past while I was painting. It seemed to connect with him.


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