Just thinking about characters and their own understanding, for instance how they use words to either escape or get caught. It has religious connotations but I don’t mind that.

He had never considered his own thoughts but he understood the power of words. Even if only through street poetry which was still an underground phenomenon at this stage. Many of these artists would never become household names even after the form became popular. Words were the only thing holding him back. Words were like a prison and the only way to escape words was through words. Words could imprison you or set you free. It took him a long time to figure this out. The question really was would he realise this in enough time? Would he find the words to get out of the mess he was in? Mostly his recourse was lies to dodge a charge from the police. The truth though wasn’t necessarily the answer either. It depended on the situation. It was manipulation but if that helped you then you have no choice but to do it. Many were destined for a physical prison only because they couldn’t think of any other way to be. Words could free them though. The words that would help them understand their situation and make a plan. A plan that worked for them and others.


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