Spilled into reality

An excerpt. Looks like 2017 will be busy.

Not only did they visit established sites such as museums but also places dedicated to the less fortunate. His father had been a practicing social worker and had an interest in people from all walks of life. They would play ping pong in centres for the homeless or substance dependent people in the inner city. Mostly these excursions were uneventful but some became rather strange. One such strange visit was to one of his Dad’s friends. After a rather long walk in unfamiliar territory they arrived at this friends home. Dad’s friend talked of quite strange events which the little boy was unsure of. He talked quite extensively about the moon and signals that were being broadcast. It was the first the little boy had heard of it. The boy didn’t really understand what Dad’s friend was getting at and thought it was quite strange but nevertheless interesting. 

Dad’s friend was a little monotonous in his descriptions and this made his claims a little too otherworldly and less convincing. His Dad’s friends name was Steve and he wasn’t really trying to convince anybody of anything. Maybe that was why the boy found the whole adventure somewhat like a picture book or a TV show that had spilled into reality. 


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