When I first heard about subscription music I didn’t like the idea at all. Especially paying monthly when I would only buy a few new albums every couple of months here and there. Being locked into something seemed pretty useless. But eventually I gave it a go and really like it. Mainly that I get to hear lots of material that I normally wouldn’t have heard of. If I can step back to iTunes Ping for a moment I found that great because I could discover new music through other artists profiles and interests. Once Ping went I lost a window into artists similar to other artists or collected by other artists.

Now I have new releases by artists I never even knew existed who are in line with my tastes in music. I don’t think subscription music works for everyone though because music can be part of someones social network anyway. For me though artists I discovered in Ping are now alongside similar artists that have been suggested and I ended up really enjoying. It is hit and miss but currently I am really enjoying a lot more music. I tend to listen to music a lot rather than movies so I am making the most of it. I get to hear any new releases anyway from my favourite artists and other artists who are in a similar vein if I want and so for that I am happy. I used Google Music primarily as I use various operating systems all of the time and like a browser option.

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