In the craft

My close friend who I paint aerosol with every now and then would compare us to other graffiti artists to try and inspire us to improve and push our craft. When I compare to the very best we tend to lack the colour and vibrancy of the biggest names. In style we have a lot in our favour. The other area is technique and complexity. Me and my friend tend to have simple direct work comparatively. When I did direct comparisons it was our looser technique and colour that was the biggest difference. But when I looked I realised that we all we needed was vibrant colour and maybe a tighter style. In saying that though it would go against our whole craft because we use muted colours a lot of the time and try to be loose because we like old school techniques like dusting and fades.

My friend would compare as a way of getting us out of our comfort zones and I appreciate that and my best work tends to be vibrant but my friend has an artists palette in general so he can’t really go in that direction. I can and do but I am not going to do huge walls or try and compete with the very best anyway. It is the craft and we have our own legacy. It was good though to finally put that one to rest and directly compare some of the biggest and best to our own niche.

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