Last few months

Well the creative burst has run its course. Really want to get back to training this week. I have a mural that isn’t penciled in yet so Thursday and Saturday should be good to train again. My gut feeling is the mural won’t be ready to paint this weekend anyway but I could get a Saturday afternoon start on that if need be and spend most of Sunday finishing it off. Since late October I was on a roll creatively and the past few weeks have peaked and then I am coming back down to reality again.

In some ways I am glad because I was wondering when it would end. I couldn’t think of anything else but making pieces of art. There is a lot that hasn’t been photographed and it may have to wait. I have lost track and can’t really push the work as hard as I have. Luckily most of my own photographs were not too bad and they found there way onto social media. I am surprised that I haven’t sold everything. The canvas work was really interesting but it didn’t sell as well. They are safely stored anyway and would be good to exhibit if the chance arrives.

A friend who does aerosol as well really wants to find a good gallery to show both our works and I messaged an old mate that I used to work with who is in a very prominent gallery. He said to aim from the top down and gauge interest as you work through ten galleries at a time. Good advice but so far the galleries are showing single artists. It isn’t like the group shows in temporary artist run galleries. It is very competitive and I feel like I am not sure how I would feel just showing paintings or works on paper. There are of course standards for high art shows in terms of framing and content and styles.

Something tells me that my friend and I wouldn’t fit the commercial high art gallery. Something contemporary is all screens and aluminium we should be looking at street art friendly spaces but it is good my friend wants to move forward in his practice. The more I think about galleries the more I feel like I don’t want to exhibit but just stick to the streets. But I am also curious of the gallery and where my work could fit. The issue is it isn’t within any other contemporary trend beside street or graffiti art. A lot of the artists who seem to be fitting in are doing so in very creative ways. My own work is simple and small but it could work and that is the issue that needs to be solved, where can it go and now I really need to start looking because nobody is going to find me.

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