Disrupted flow

It always disrupts me to start a new set of work especially when it doesn’t include lettering structure. For me it is just the structure as I don’t necessarily illustrate or form the letters explicitly. To move into open forms is a little bit uncomfortable for me. It isn’t that I haven’t done it before or it is new because I leave lettering alone every now and then to help push my techniques away from certain designs and structures. It is a way of opening new ideas and techniques primarily but it isn’t necessarily as rock solid as my lettering approach. It is unhinged and a little misguided but I get tired of lettering structures every now and then. I just hope the better photos do the pieces justice. They are a little messy and loose, so not as finished but it is refreshing to just let things go into that more abstract look.

If I can take anything away from it I know I can come back to my lettering structure after a certain point. When that point will be I am not sure but I can say I won’t be making too many of these current works as it doesn’t sit well with me. I at least want to produce one aerosol piece based on this work though before I go back to my lettering work. I am looking forward to the process rather than the finished result to be honest. Why I come back to certain structures that never worked initially is a little surprising but just getting away from letters and all of the misconceptions that come with graffiti is quite interesting.

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