Have made a series of new work, a lot of it has been posted to this site but not all of it. The work ‘Fuse’ is the last canvas of this series (but there are more paper works) as I set off a new series based on my idea of ‘creatures’. Once I get the works photographed I will post them up. The work standard has been very professional for me. Normally I just throw anything together and hope for the best but I set strict limits.

The original series was based on coded graffiti lettering but the creatures work is not based on coded lettering. I also want to try the creatures series on walls which is where this work came from. Originally in 2008 I hadn’t really sorted the techniques to produce this kind of work with aerosol. I just produced my original work on a wall and called it ‘creatures’. Technically it didn’t work but it was more an idea and now I have a whole set of techniques I have used on other work that suits this approach. It isn’t dissimilar to what I have already produced but the standard is a little different.

I can work on an aerosol base rather than masking the content to finish with an aerosol background. This change means there can be more emphasis on flowing lines and abstract detail. I will most likely move between both approaches of coded lettering and line based shapes.

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