Well I kind of have been agonising about the new work but then realised I should look at it as a holiday. Only then can I accept that I have made a good body of work and I can play around for a moment or two. The other issue is when doing graffiti art once you put things up for sale you can lose some respect but you have to make it clear that you are open to sales. Also working with lots of different artists can be a problem because graffiti can be so territorial and you may paint with a guy that someone else hates. Then they start hating you. It is a bit weird really.

The reason I am bringing it up is that I have been open to working with some other artists but it isn’t something that I can do too often anyway because I am so locked into family and life routines. To actually work with other people I have to let something else go for that session and it is a sacrifice at the end of the day. But I need to do some socialising and work with different people occasionally even though it breaks my fitness routine or family time. Last month I went on a promotional bender because I had really great finished objects for sale and it was exhausting. I also met some different people to just be out there and that was good but I had to put other things on hold and I am really missing my routine already.

I am doing two aerosol sessions this week and one is familiar and the other unfamiliar. Then I have a lot of things going on for the rest of the month so aerosol is not really an option. The last part of the month is devoted to my kids and I think there is one weekend which is a getaway to see a close friend for his birthday. September usually is pretty busy but this one builds up to be bigger than usual. Really I cannot see myself doing too much art this month so I should be glad to just do my two stints and try to relax through the chaos.


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