Straight to the point

Having had a few weeks playing around with my second hand laptop it got me thinking about computers from the last seven years or so. The fact is a browser these days can be so memory hungry to bring a machine with two gigs of ram to its knees I have started to really love the lack of services and layers we are so accustomed to with operating systems and hardware. It isn’t practical trying to do the Internet of today with hardware over a decade old but the basics of gathering information is somewhat easier in a terminal environment so what has changed? Cloud services, social media services and notifications to name a few. Heck how annoying but that is the current standard. I probably can’t even post to this blog without a layer of javascript or php chugging away in the background.

I am not going to suddenly move away from current standards but it interesting to note the change. OSX and Windows have all of the current bells and whistles with Ubuntu being in the same league but a smaller player. Debian was playing catch up for a few years and then it seemed to become more purist the last few years with basic services like Dropbox breaking occasionally. It is good Ubuntu offers an up to date OS but when you have old hardware that can still be useful it tends to be a bit top heavy. I do use cloud services but mainly on computers I would use for art development but not for deployment thats where the basic second hand computer or Raspberry Pi comes into the equation.

I can’t strip away the overlay of services and be able to do what i need practically but in truth you can though you lose a level of convenience. These conveniences in relation to old hardware are just too cumbersome but if I can re-purpose and simply play back data not much power is needed. That is why iPads where so successful, but now they have become as powerful as desktop computers with all of the services making them just as annoying as every other computer these days. Well you can still do stuff on almost anything but I am not going to be able watch Netflix on an old computer and I don’t really want to watch it on anything at the moment. It is fun comparing the Internet of old with information and text gathering to the Internet of now with design frameworks and marketing being the real content. It is a market now but there is also so much textual information and that really points to its roots as an information web.

I really encourage people to get into a terminal browser and see the web in a text format where everything is only the content itself stripped of any design. It can be a learning curve to start with but if you want to see the web and find information it is straight to the point.

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