Movie, bonfire and socialising

Saw “Goldstone” an outback detective thriller at the Orpheum. The dialogue was great, it touched on a lot of issues like what it is to be a person in a money obsessed world. There is abuse of power, some classic Australian characters from the mining boss to the mayor and Indigenous characters as well as Chinese prostitutes. This is really worth seeing, it is produced and directed by Indigenous Australians and I was amazed at the insight and depth of the characters even though it is an action film. The action is filmed from the perspective of each character so it really draws you into the thrill. This film could be a classic in terms of covering Australian archetypes, it shows you the classic Chinese, Indigenous and white Australian types and their attitudes to the land. It shows their attitudes to each other and the spiritual understanding as well as the alienated attitude of the whites and Chinese. The Indigenous characters have become somewhat alienated as well from the oppression from white Australians but the film shows that there is essentially still a connection and they can reconnect if they really want to. The whites are essentially “guests” paying rent to mine the land and essentially destroy it. The director makes sure you are aware of the land and its unique beauty through some well crafted shots. The movie will be released in July, I saw it through the Sydney Film Festival. Please go and see it, we need more films like this touching on issues that affect us all.

Also had a bonfire at Hazelbrook for the Queen’s Birthday thanks to Michael and his hospitality really enjoyed myself. Also met some of the local graffiti artists from the Blue Mountains which was a nice change. Great to see them getting creative doing a backdrop for the Winter Magic Festival.



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