Old meets new

In 2007 finished a large piece as part of a contest with another graffiti artist as we had gotten on bad terms and resolved it through our art. An old school graffiti artist who was highly lauded back in the 80s gave a comment that really struck me as very kind and quite observant. He mentioned that I had brought old school styles and old school techniques and married them with new painting techniques. Most of the feedback I have had over my career has been negative with only a handful understanding years later what I had actually been doing. One person actively encouraged me and there are no prizes for guessing who that is but there were others who also encouraged and enjoyed my eclectic approach.

In the end it doesn’t really matter either way as I just kept doing my thing and more recently excelled at it. What doesn’t surprise me is that my love of Linux is the same marriage I spoke of earlier. The old and the new existing together. The fact is you can’t really beat that combination. The ease and customisation  you get out of a terminal is paramount when it is needed but annoying if it is the only way and ditto with a windowed user interface. The fact that you can move between them is ideal. OSX threw the terminal in though you had to install a program to give you access to other Linux applications. Personally it kind of annoyed me because there could be a fair amount of set up involved whereas Linux just does that although you can’t run Photoshop but if you are a developer you may not need it.

Recently at least in the last two years my work is more old school and my new techniques are now out of date but I can paint. At least I am not just doing fashionable work but who knows maybe that is the next step but I don’t want to leave things behind just because they are outdated. Otherwise I will have to leave myself behind!

One thought on “Old meets new

  1. This peice was incredible!

    I clearly remember the diverse responses through the graff scene too.

    I’ve always held a huge amount of repsect for your work… And people will either love it or they won’t, but nobody can point their finger and say your style is like somebody elses. You’ve always set trends and pushed the usual methods.

    I read this piece of yours and I can’t help but think of the Frank Sinatra track “I did it my way”.

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